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Free form

You can choose any shape you want for your Solembra Bioclimatic Pergola. According to the constraints of the existing building or for aesthetic reasons. You are free!

FREE FORM Pergola Solembra

Long-lasting Structure

 With a Solembra Bioclimatic Pergola you are guaranteed a professional installation. Your structure remains stable over time and you can enjoy your Pergola.

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Sustainable stucture Pergola Solembra

Choose the quality of the aluminum
and its thickness

When manufacturing your Solembra Bioclimatic Pergola, we have the expertise to choose the thickness that will allow your structure to be durable, while guaranteeing the finesse of the rendering from an aesthetic point of view. This balance between thickness and finesse is made possible by our technical expertise within our technical office and by our architects and designers.

Thickness aluminium Pergola Solembra

Millimetrically tailor-made

Our Solembra Bioclimatic Pergolas allow for a seemless integration. When we take the measurements, we make sure that your Pergola is manufactured to the millimeter for perfect integration on your terrace. This is not a customisation but a unique creation

Tailored made Pergola Solembra

Avoid making the mistake of a standard pergola

We are seeing more and more Bioclimatic Pergolas that are placed without any harmony with the terrace, the garden, the woodwork or the façade. Take the time to look at your home andcouple it with a product that will allow you to fully recharge your batteries while enjoying your outdoor spaces.

Chose a tailored made Pergola Solembra

Ventilation +
Sun Protection

Under your pergola, you are protected from the sun's harmful radiation while enjoying the blue sky. The adjustable slats allow you to select the level of ventilation and the amount of light. All year round. All this with your remote control, which allows you to operate the adjustable slats as well as the high-end blinds.

Ventilation and sun protection - Pergola Solembra
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