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100% tailor made dimensions

SOL Me was the reason Solembra was put on the map of the architecture and design big names wanting a pergola that could not be found elsewhere.

"So" stands for "so much". A SOL Me is the guarantee of a Bioclimatic Pergola that is the perfect fit for you.

Its main advantages:

  • Millimetrically tailor-made dimensions 

  • Wall-mounted/Self-supporting

  • Integrated poles for a "seamless" look

  • Wide choice of colours

  • Colour mixes

  • Installation on all types of structures

Associated services SOL ME

Associated Services with

  • Conceptance Lda / Solembra Services:

  • Support with your Designer from A to Z

  • French manufacturing (Ain)

  • Installation and setup carried out by Conceptance Lda, your exclusive Solembra distributor for Portugal

  • Customer service provided by Conceptance Lda, your exclusive Solembra distributor for Portugal


We created So' Me because we wanted to meet a growing expectation of unique and creative Bioclimatic Pergolas 

We pamper it, giving it all our attention.

It enhances our quality charter, our citizen commitment.

So 'Me: it's a lot of us and so much of you!

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Orientable Slats

As on all our bioclimatic pergolas, the blades are adjustable with a remote control

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Wall-mounted or Freestanding

You have the choice to place your bioclimatic pergola wall-mounted or freestanding 

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Perfect seal

Solembra is the only brand of the pergola market offering a system of mobile gutters for the best water and air tightness

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Zip blinds

It is possible to add accessories like Zip blinds to protect you from the sun, wind ...

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Graphic rendering

Rendering of a Sketchup view to project the installation of the pergola in your home

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Large choice Colors

Colors for the slats: White (Ref 9010Mat)
Colors for the structure: Anthracite (Ref 7016 MGV), White (Ref 9010 Mat), Light gray (Ref 9006 MGV), Black (Ref 2100 SA)

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Tailor made

Adjust your bioclimatic pergola to the millimeter. Tailor made structure

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Distance between poles

Millimetric adjustment.

Max span between poles of 6.900mm. Allowing for the placement of posles without obstructing the view

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Flat roof

Specificity of Solembra: the slats have a front and a back, so that the slats in contact with the rain, and therefore dirty, are not visible under the pergola

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Offset poles

Poles can be offset to give a cantilevered design or to break up the classic rectangular shape

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All types of structure

It's possible to integrate your bioclimatic pergola on all types of structures.

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Color mixing

Possibility to mix colors and select different colors for the structure and the crossbar.

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Regulation of light input and temperature across all season. Cool in summer, warm in winter

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Integrated poles

The So'Me poles are integrated into the structure for a "seamless" look, specific to high-end bioclimatic pergolas

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Light in Winter

The thin 5mm aluminum structure never blocks the arrival of light in the adjoining room. Perfect during the winter or mid-season

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Spots lighting 

You can add orientable LED spotlights to enjoy your exteriors at night

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Indirect lighting

White or 8-tone RGB LED strip for a diffused, soft lighting and to foster a festive atmosphere

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Installation & Fitting

Like for all our pergolas, we assemble, mount and install them at your home to guarantee quality and decennial insurance

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