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Sol Park Izzy
3 references to standard dimensions.

The Car Park Sol Izzy range is an alternative to your garage with standard sizes to adapt to your needs and desires.

  • Two types of roof solutions: ‘sandwich type’ panels or fixed open blades (58 degree angle)

  • The choice between two colors: White or Grey 

  • A pure and a contemporary style to adapt to your outdoor area

  • Fitting made by our professional fitters

  • One point of contact from the beginning to the end

  • After sales service guaranteed by Solembra by Conceptance Lda

  • Delivery terms : Maximum 8 weeks

Dual Ring-1s-200px.gif

Technical Characteristics
Car Park Sol Izzy Range

Directly in your garden or fixed onto your house, find the solution that fits you the most.

  • Standard Dimensions : Width 3,2 Meters / Depth : 5,2 Meters

  • Offset poles for a simplified vehicle maneuver

  • Water evacuation through the poles

  • High quality finishing, no visible screws

Dual Ring-1s-200px.gif

Two Roofing Solutions
Fixed Blades or Sandwich Panels

You will have the choice between two types of roofing: 

  • Sandwich Panels: equipped with isolated panels, the Car Park Izzy protects your vehicle from different weather conditions including the rain, hail, and strong heat.

  • Open Fixed Blades (58° Angle) : the fixed open blades create a shaded area for your vehicle. The bioclimatic effect allows to release the hot air to protect your vehicle from strong heat.

Dual Ring-1s-200px.gif
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