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Unique and tailor-made

SOL Design is the poetry of Architecture, the unlimited creativity, the innovation of Design, ... SOL Design is emotion meeting harmony and finesse. Architectural creation at the service of an exceptional outdoor space... 

Its main advantages

  • Span between poles of 7900mm allowing poles to be placed without obstructing the view

  • Add arches: single, double, triple

  • Play with different heights

  • Create different depths

  • Remove poles

  • Complete with decorative laser-cut aluminium screen wall 

  • Harmonize your spaces with 400 colors

Associated services SOL design Pergola Solembra

Associated Services with

  • A to Z support with your Designer
    Several proposals via 3D live sketch

  • Development via design office

  • Installation by Conceptance Lda, Solembra authorised distributor

  • Service provided by Conceptance Lda your exclusive Solembra Distributor for Portugal


So' Izzy

You want to benefit from the quality Solembra while reducing the budget. Offer quality Solembra at the best price.

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So' Me

Our signature Bioclimatic Pergola brand Solembra. Fully customizable, 6.9m between poles. Terraced or Riding.


So' Design

Our Creative Bioclimatic Pergola.

Treat yourself to the luxury of a Solembra pergola made to measure, atypical and unique ...

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Orientable Slats

As on all our bioclimatic pergolas, the blades are adjustable by remote control

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Without Poles ?

Possibility of creating a pergola without poles for a minimalist design. Load bearing by bracing

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Simple, suspended, double arch

Solembra is the only one offering this type of pergola design, you won't find one like that anywhere else

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Perfect sealing

Solembra is the only brand to offer a mobile gutter system that provides the best water and air tightness on the pergola market

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Offset Poles

Poles can be staggered to give a cantilevered design or to break up the rectangular shape

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Large choice of Colors

400 possible colors to match your pergola with your façade and garden

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Adjust your bioclimatic pergola to the millimeter. Custom-made structure

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Wall-mounted or Free-standing

You have the choice of placing your bioclimatic pergola against the wall or freestanding (to define a living space or because of external insulation)

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2 heights Pergola

Solembra offers a solution tailored to the architecture of the building to create the outdoor space of your dreams

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Integrated Poles

The SOL Design poles are integrated in the structure for a "seamless" effect specific to high-end bioclimatic pergolas

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All types of structure

Possibility to integrate your bioclimatic pergola on all types of structures.

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Claustra Deco

Certainly the projects that have most caught the eye of Internet users online: the claustra deco adds a personal and architectural feel

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Regulation of light and temperature all year round. Cool in summer, warm in winter

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Distance between Poles

Adjustable millimetrically.

Maximum span between polesof 7900mm. Allowing the poles to be placed without obstructing the view of the adjoining room

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Pergola with 2 depths

Protects 2 areas of your terrasse that do not have the same depth or usage

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Flat Roof

Specificity of Solembra: the slats have a front and a back, so that the slats in contact with the rain and therefore quickly soiled are not visible under the pergola

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3D Plan

Production of 3D plans to help you project the installation of the pergola in your home.

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Installation & Mounting

As with all our pergolas, we design, assemble and install them on your premises to guarantee quality and ten-year insurance

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